• The Entertainment Center & Hotel with casino is located in 2100 meters above the sea level
  • The distance from the capital city Yerevan to Tsaghkadzor is 55km
  • The Marriott hotel owes all necessities to perfectly organize the rest, entertainment and moreover the business meetings of the guests
  • The hotel with modern amenities and a breathtaking mountain setting, just several minutes walk from the ski ramp
  • Marriott Tsaghkadzor Hotel features include indoor pool, fitness center, event space and five restaurants and bars
  • Restaurant
  • Hookah Bar with greatest view to the Tsakhkadzor cuty
  • Night club
  • Live music

  • Bonuses during your first visit
  • American roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Russian poker
  • 5-card draw poker
  • 6-card draw poker
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • A variety of classic games on the tables
  • More than a hundred modern slot machines
  • Slot machines with the highest payout percentage
  • Status system: Standart, Silver, Gold and Platinum and appropriate treatment
  • Regular lotteries and events for players
  • VIP club with a separate entrance

  • Free flight to Yerevan and back
  • Transfer from Yerevan to the casino
  • Free room at the hotel
  • Free bar and snacks for casino guests
  • Participate in events with cash prizes
  • Daily sweepstakes and show programs
  • Tours to sightseeing of Armenia
  • Pleasant company
  • Free Parking
  • 10-15% refund with a loss


    *Additional services can be included in the tour and stipulated in the individual package.
    *The total number of play hours for the whole tour is negotiated in
    advance with the casino administration.

    Junket Tour Category STANDARD DE LUXE V.I.P.
    Deposit per person $ 5000 $ 10000 $ 25000
    The number of days / nights per tour 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days
    Overall, the minimum number of play hours 4 (per day) 4 (per day) 4 (per day)
    Individual offer + + +
    one-day tour
    Deposit 1 000$.  The tour lasts 1 day.  Meeting in the airport, transfer from the airport to the Casin. Free beverages in “ROYALE”. The minimal time of the game doesn’t matter. The minimum bet on cards tables is 10$, on the roulette – 1$  The minimum bet on slot machines is 50AMD (0.125$) Participation in lotteries.
    The possibility of
    extending the tour
    in this casino
    Under the
    arrangement, on the spot
    The minimum bet on games per spin or hand
    Roulette (spin) 100 500 1000
    Card games (hand) 50 100 200
    Slot machines The min bet is 1.25$,
    4 hours autostart-game;
    or lucky-chips (must be played),
    all winnings in cash-chips
    2,5 5
    Reimbursement of flight tickets by two-ways Economy Economy


    Shuttle from the airport to the casino or a hotel + + +
    Transfers casino-hotel, hotel-casino where necessary + + +
    Hotel accommodation for 1 person “Standard classic” room of «Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel» “De Luxe” room of «Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel» “Suite” of «Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel»
    Hotel accommodation for 2 persons
    Breakfast at the hotel + + +
    Food in the casino + + +
    Soft drinks in the casino + + +
    The casino Bar + + +
    All inclusive
    Discount on the game
    (to be paid only based on the results of the trip)
    Customer discount