Draw poker is played from a standard card deck of 52 cards and several additional cards called “jokers”. The dealer offers to the player “to cut off” a card deck by a special plastic card. To start the game, the player has to place his (her) original bet in BONUS position. The dealer distributes 5 cards to each player by a face sheet downwards. The dealer also receives five dark cards.

The player has looked at their cards and has the possibility to exchange from one up to five cards. To do it, he (she) has to place exactly original bet in ANTE position and situate cards to exchange in front of BONUS position. The dealer exchanges offered cards one by one on all playing boxes.The replacement of only one card is authorized while second card exchange. To do it, the player has to place exactly original bet on the BOX position and to situate the card to exchange near BONUS box. The dealer exchanges offered card and collects all three bets on ANTE.

The player looks at the cards and decides whether to play or to fold. If the player wishes to play, they have to bet exactly double ANTE. If the player wishes to fold, they forfeit the ANTE. Right after all the players have made the decision, the dealer reveals remaining cards.

There is a possibility for the dealer to exchange from one up to five cards according to the rules:


1. Three of a kind
2. 4 cards for flush
3. 4 cards for unrestricted straight (unrestricted straight – unlimited from both sides straight that can be finished with at least two cards of different value)
4. Any pair
5. 4 cards for straight (in the middle of combination)
6. The exchanges of 5 cards
7. The combination to qualify is – “jacks or better”

1 pair 1:1
2 pairs 1:1
3 of a kind 1:1
Straight 1:1
Flush 1:1
Full House 2 :1
4 of a kind 3 :1
Straight Flush 5:1
Royal Flush 10:1
Poker 20:1

If the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the player receives the payment 2:3 on ANTE bet. If the dealer’s hand does qualify the best hand wins. Player’s winning hand receives the winnings on the bet, which are calculated according to the table below:

The note

Joker is an any card that suit for possible high poker hand;

Poker hand with joker(s) is equal to the poker hand without joker(s);

The player is not authorized to play on two boxes;

From one up to four persons can participate in the game;

While equal hands the precedence is to be determined by the following higher card; there is a push if the hands are still the same.

The players are not authorized to remove playing cards from desktop and to exchange information about cards with anybody.

Announced and cash bets are not permitted.

In advent of disputable situations the solution of administration is final.