The game is carried out between the players. The dealer executes service functions such as distribution of cards, collection of bank and observance the rules of the game. There is 52-card deck in the game. From two up to seven players can participate in stud poker. During the game player can take an advantage of the sum of money announced before this particular game. Money or chips lying on desktop are not to be announced (also see “Additions to the rules of the tournaments”).
It is impossible to change the money when the dealer deals out the cards. It is also prohibited to borrow money during the game. Cards and chips should be always at sight. During the game player has no right to show up their dark cards. The player can fold in any moment he(she) would like to.

7 – Card Stud Poker


To start, each player places the bet equal to the mandatory initial ANTE-bet set by the House. The dealer collects all the bets into a bank. Once the ANTES are in, the dealer shuffles, cut and deals one card at a time, face down, around the table clockwise starting on the immediate left. The dealer deals one card to each player until he(she) has two pocket cards (face down) and a single up (the “door” card). All participants got three cards on the table per player and that’s called “Third Street”. At this point the dealer indicates which player will open the betting, determined by the lowest “door” card. The player holding the lowest “door” card must “bring it in” by opening with a FORCE-BET equal to the ANTE or set by the House. If there’s a tie for low “door”, sequence resolved it: first dealt card is min.

If the player has no chips to place the bet he (she) goes ALL-IN. All subsequent player’s bets are to form a new bank, called SIDE-POT.

The next player clockwise from the opener can CALL by matching the opener, RAISE by betting the previous betting limit or FOLD. While playing POT-LIMIT game, each bet can’t exceed the BANK. There is no limitation for betting in NO-LIMIT game. All the players are authorize to place two kinds of bet declared beforehand SPIRIT-LIMIT game. All the bets are to be placed strictly clockwise one by one, from one player to another. The next player, clockwise from the opener, can CALL by matching the opener, RAISE by betting the low betting limit or FOLD.

NB! If the player has made a bet out of his turn, he can’t RAISE the bet.

Once the player has announced the bet, they can’t change it. Betting partially is also prohibited. Right after all bets are in place and the last player said CHECK; the dealer takes dark card himself and deals out “Forth Street” (second open card)

Unlike “Third Street”, the opener in the “Fourth” and remaining streets is the high hand as determined by the open cards. The priority belongs to the player, whose cards were dealt out the first. They may Check (Pass) or Bet. Again, the cards are dealt up in “Fifth Street” and high hand opens. All the players have to make a decision.